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Spread The Spirit
At the Special meeting of the congregation held on February 20, 2011 the congregation provided direction to the Building Committee to continue its work and to persue more detailed information and estimates of the Beautification proposal refered to as Plan C " Raise the Roof".

Thank you to the Building Committee for all the hours of work you have put into investigating the beautification of our church and the wonderful presentation explaining your work to date and the various options.
                                Spread the Spirit!

Spread the Spirit” is a four-year process where we as a whole congregation commit to BEGIN, BEAUTIFY, and BLESSING.
Phase 1:  We will BEGIN by undertaking a series of
fund-raising events so as to defray the costs of our plans.

Phase 2: We will BEAUTIFY whereby much-needed physical updates—both aesthetic and practical—can be made to our worship space.

Phase 3: A year of BLESSING, a year which celebrates and basks in God’s blessing of our endeavors.

Spring is upon us and our SPIRIT is renewed. We welcome Lori S. to our staff. Lori will be a new dynamic addition to our team with an excellent background to help our campaign move forward.


God bless,

Rev. Tim Manwell

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